Becoming a Member of

Narromine - Dubbo Rifle Club

Anybody can apply to join the Narromine - Dubbo Rifle Club. You don't have to be from either Narromine or Dubbo. Members are of all ages, from all walks of life, and of every ability from expert to beginner. You don't have to be particularly fit, nor strong, nor heavily-built - the rifle does the work. Shooting is one of the few individual and team sports where men and women compete together on equal terms.

Some of our members have been shooting with us for decades while others joined as teenagers a year ago. We have  a wealth of experience available to shooters in need of advice - and that includes everyone from time to time.

Want to give shooting a try but don't have a licence

From 1 October, 2008, a person may possess and use firearms on an approved range without the authority of a licence or permit (or other exemption) when they wish to try out the sport of shooting or when they are participating in an approved firearms safety training course, provided that they:

  • Remain under the direct supervision of a suitably licensed club/range official (or licence holder appointed by them) or firearms instructor, and

  • Have completed a declaration form P650 and responded 'No' to all questions in the personal history in Section B of the form.

At Narromine - Dubbo Rifle Club we encourage people to try the sport of target shooting and on most Saturdays we can arrange for one on one attention for a person to try there hand at shooting. Just get in contact with us prior to turning up via the contact page and we will arrange a time.  

firearms licence safety training

Newcomers to the sport in Australia have to complete and pass a firearms safety course before being allowed to shoot, and of course safety is every shooter's highest priority. Then apply for a firearms licence via the NSW Firearms Registry Link   

We have members who can provide the NSW Police approved firearms licence safety training course and this can be arranged if you contact us via the contact us page.