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It is set in concrete.

Dave Brown posted an update Saturday regarding the cementing progress of the target leg saddles at the range.

Thanks to Dave who said:

Big thank you to Dad (aka the Muscle, Norm Brown) for giving me a hand this morning!..

All the post for the target legs are now in place and will be ready for action in 7 days once the concrete has dried.

Also thanks to the guys that turned up last night to help level the post Simon Etcell Shane smith Jared Hocking made the job so much easier this morning.

Back shooting soon!!

Thank you all for your patience. I know the wait has been tough. "No pain, no gain" they say.

The range is looking great thanks to the work done by NSW Roads, realy can't say enough. Don't forget to check the events coming this weekend.

And, if you know of anyone wanting to attend a Firearms Safety Awareness course, get them to register and RSVP on the event.

See you all out there.


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