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Who comes out to the range?

Not licenced? So long as you are over 12 years old and you fill out a P650 form successfully you are good to go. We'll have to supervise you of course, but no issue.

Member of the NSWRA and have a current NSW firearms licence, come on out. It'll be great to see you. Guest shooters are always welcome. (Conditions apply. See the T&Cs)

Just want to watch. Always welcome to.

Do suggest bringing ear protection, but if you forget there is generally stacks about.
Female shooter
Electronic target at 100 meters
What do we shoot at?

Hex Systems electronic targets takes all the guess work out of this, and keeps us all safe behind the firing line.

Scorers PC
What do we shoot?

Typically centrefire rifles to a maximum calibre of 8mm. are permitted to be fired on the range.

There are a variety of makes and models of rifles. Some specifically for target shooting, but many "off the shelf" from the gun shop.
Open to all ages, 12 up
Come try shooting
Shooting 22lr
The club also holds events specifically for rimfire rifles, 22's. These are extremely popular and attract a large number of new shooters, both male and female, young and old, to the sport. 
Club rifle for hire
Where are we?

You can find the Narromine-Dubbo Rifle Club, on the South side of the Mitchell Highway (A32), 8 Klms East of Narromine.
Contact details are available on the Contact page of the members site.
Rimfire events are held at 100 yards, while centre fire starts at 300 yards out to 1000 yards. Check the Events, click here, for times and distances of events.
No rifle, no worries. For a small fee you may use a club rifle.
Yes, I'll give it a crack. What do I do now?

"Come and try shooting" any time. Go to the members website, click here, and check out the coming events. If you see a "Club Event" or "Slashem Sunday" event that suits you, or even if you don't, click on the Contact page, fill out the form and send it. Let us know what your intentions are in the message. We'll reply as soon as we can and fill you in with any details you need to know.

See you soon :) !
Competition Disciplines/Classes
  • Target Rifle
  • Target Rifle – Optical Class 
  • F - Class Standard (308 / 223)
  • F - Class Open
  • FTR
  • 600 & 1000 Yard International Bench Rest
  • Hunting Club Events
  • Hunter/sporting class

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