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2023/24 Season


As we leave the 2022/23 season, we can reflect on a year of upset. The whether and earthworks presenting some of the biggest hurdles, but we survive and rise out of the doom of darkness with a stronger membership and a club offering many more benifits. NDRC is fast becoming one of the Premium shooting ranges in NSW, if not already the most premium shooting range in NSW.

So "what's new" to make it so?

No doubt you know of the earthworks improvements building additional shooting mounds, reworking existing mounds, evening out the areas between each mound, the massively extended Stop Butt in width and height, but wait, there is more.

The NDRC range has recently been approved for:

  • Pistol shooting, up to 9mm (45 Cal.).. Pistol? Yes pistol.

  • Shotgun shooting.. Shotgun? Yes shotgun.

Approvals were initially announced on FaceBook 15/05/2023 and said:

We have now been approved for a 5 stand shotgun range (clays) AND a 5 lane silhouette pistol range as part of our expanded club offerings.

This will roll out over coming months as we need to manufacture and purchace the new infrastructure and the clubs licence needs to be applied for and upgraded to category "H" (pistols).

This is Massive news for the club and all a part of our 5 year plan.

In the end this means that our range will now cater for,

  1. Full bore out to 1000yards (possibly 1100 and 1200 in the future);

  2. Small bore out to 600yards;

  3. Pistols up to .45cal at soft and hard targets;

  4. A five (5) stand shotgun range (clays).

Such an exciting announment. Almost a "do all" range for NDRC members on our doorstep.

This of course leads into renew of membership for the 2023/24 season, as it is that time of year again.

Here is the schedule:

How to pay.

Club Banking Details BSB: 122-756 Acct Name: Narromine-Dubbo Rifle Club Acct No.: 22232497

Please NOTE: Ensure the reference of any transaction clearly identifies the transaction as coming from you. Example: Your NSWRA SID, In the case of paying more than one membership such as a family, your last name. If you feel clarification of the transaction is needed, please email the club at or through the Contact page. Please ensure the email includes the transaction's reference number.

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