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Captain's Update. 31-5-2023

Ok guys, Firstly I apologise for my lack of posts over the last 6 or so weeks but with everything going on time is not allowing me to do much on FB etc.

1. As you have all seen the range is just about ready to open again. We have a little bit of concrete work to finish this week to finish off the target leg saddles. Hopefully we will have a rimfire shoot on this coming sunday morning (as long as the rain stays away). The access road is the next project but they are able to work around us.

2. Keep an eye out on the Narromine Star paper as we will possibly have a bit of a story in it either this week or next week about our expansion and future projects.

3. Membership fees are due 30th June for the 23/24 financial year. Remember you must remain financial to access the range, facilities and comps etc. Also these fees cover your insurance and liabillity. Another point to remember is that it is a condition on most peoples licences that you are a member of a registered club to maintain your licence (and the firearms registery are checking attendance at the moment).

4. The false rumours being peddled by a disgruntled former member are exacly that.. False... and our club is NOT closing as he has been suggesting and legal action is now pending regarding this matter. I can assure you all that we are expanding and moving forward with planned new projects to boost the future of the club so stay tuned.

5. We are planning aother Firearms Safety Awareness Course in the near future so register your interest on the Firearms Safety Awareness course listed on the Events page so you can be contacted when there are the numbers for holding the course.

Regards, Simon

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